Xian Lei

Chinese cook and martial arts ace. Owner of a Dim Sum restaurant in Barcelona. Brave, kind, with an strong sense of justice, she deliberately hides some episodes from her past, including some past relationship with another woman.

Mei Ling

Cheerful, light-hearted girl. Lei´s best friend and partner in their Dim Sum restaurant. They met in Paris years ago. She´s the person who best knows Lei and cares a lot about her.


An student of Journalism from Barcelona. She´s a single mother, living with her little son Hector, and her friend Mireia, another student in faculty. Lei enters in their life when she saves Héctor from suffering a Bus Accident.

Li Chang

Employee at Dim Sum Restaurant. Gambling lover, he´s always out of money, and tends to be involved on many forms of illegal activities. This will become a real pain in the ass for Lei

Kung Fu Monkey?

Xian Lei is a cook and martial arts ace, living and working in Barcelona. Coldhearted and brave, she tries to keep a low profile, but trouble inevitably finds her and to overcome it she will need to learn the way of the Fire Monkey.

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